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Ranking, Link Building, and Google Analytics

This week we did a bunch of activities to learn how to use Google analytics, figure out what "link juice" even means, and improve search ranking.

We tested the websites we built on to see how they measure up. My Etsy store had a WooRank of 66. So then we built excel workbooks to figure out what high/med/low impact changes we can make to improve our scores. That's when I finally figured out what "link juice" means. Though I had seen it referred to in an article about link building, I hadn't a clue what they were talking about. So link juice is basically the data that follows from one link to another. My site has a lot of links that go to different pages (most of them internal, but some external as well) and none of them had the "no follow" rel attribute, so there was a lot of link juice going around. According to WooRank, that's bad, so it's on my list of things to improve.

The Google Analytics activity was a lot of fun. We used the Demo account to find data from January 2017, then compare notes as a class and figure out if we got to the same answers or different ones and how. My only trouble is, today all my data seems different... and I'm 100% sure I'm looking at the right dates today--yesterday I might have been looking at June 2017, because I remember specifically thinking that June has 30 days and how that was kinda weird. But the data I found yesterday matches my classmates better? I don't know. I feel more confused today than yesterday.

On the plus side, I aced my quiz finding the data that was asked for there. So I guess I kinda sorta know my way around Analytics?

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