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Social Media Optimization

This week we learned about the importance of utilizing social media in today's marketing. It used to be that large companies had very little interaction with the public, socially. The Internet changed that. Now days, customers expect companies to be active, engaging, and pleasant on social media.

We created social media advertising plans. Something I want to work on is Instagram. I feel that's a pretty good venue for my product as it is very visual, and using relevant hashtags will help to expose new audiences to my sister's work. I feel that if we are active and engaging, responding to comments and producing new work on a weekly basis, we will see a lot of success from this platform.

I have also consider Pinterest as a venue. Again, it is very visual and I feel people interested in crochet and amigurumi spend a lot of time on this website. I am not sure how effective hashtags are on there, though, so keywords may be a better option to improve search rankings. We'll see. I'll need to play with it a bit more before I am sure.

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