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ROI (Return on Investment)

This week we learned about how to track ROI, or return on investment. Using Ads and Analytics, we can track what search terms led to which sales, and which ads and keywords are performing best for the price to run them. This will help us to improve our ads over time and hopefully find customers who are searching for our products.

So far, my ads haven't done as well as I would have hoped. I'm fascinated by all the searched terms that triggered my ad (custom piggy banks, anyone?) but none of them have translated into sales or requests for custom work. Just means I need to refined my ads some more, and perhaps show more products available for sale - because people like consistency and options! My reasoning is that, the more items there are for a potential customer to browse, the longer they'll stay on the site. The longer they stay, the higher the chances are that they will make a purchase (they're investing their time to browse, after all, and after spending so much time browsing, there tends to be a feeling that one should get something for their time, thus they buy).

Turns out adding "patterns" as a negative keyword wasn't enough to keep people searching for crochet patterns from seeing my ad... a lot of searches related to patterns had triggered my ads anyway. I'm trying to be more specific by adding "how to crochet" and "crochet patterns" to my negative keywords list.

Also, interesting to note, a lot of us have noticed that our ads that start with our company names as the first headline are performing much better than others. I think that's very important. I'm reminded of my own searches; ads that are squawking about the product or search terms seem like door to door salesmen, so to speak. Just jumping in my face trying to get me to buy something. On the other hand, ads that start with the company name seem more official, more like a store that is just there and happens to be selling exactly what I want.

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