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Google Analytics and AdWords

This week we learned how to link our Google Analytics accounts with our Ad accounts. This is useful because it will help us to see exactly what keywords are being utilized, as well as track users' behaviour when they get to the site. For instance, if someone got to my website using the search term "amigurumi dolls" I could see what pages they visited, how long they stayed on each page, and if any sales were made as a result of that keyword.

It is kinda spooky just how much data is collected through these searches. I can discover what browsers my users are utilizing, what devices, where the traffic came from (digitally and geographically), what terms they used and what they did on my site. It kind of makes me feel like a stalker to have access to this kind of information. Thankfully, no personally identifiable information is collected (I will not be able to tell exactly where my users live, what their names are, or anything else like that).

With the information that is collected, I feel I will be able to refine my keywords and make my ads more effective, so that the people looking for my product are better able to find it and those who aren't looking for my product don't waste their time looking for something else on my site. It's a win-win relationship if I do it right.

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