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Creating the Ad Campaign

This week we learned how to set up a Google ad, with headlines, descriptions, and extensions. Ads will display differently on different devices, so it is important to fill out as much of this information as possible, even though only parts of it will be displayed, depending on the device.

For example, the extension link descriptions do not show on the mobile version of the ad, while they will on the desktop view. The more information, the better chances a potential buyer will click your ad. We were taught that it is important to include some search keywords from our ad campaign into the actual text of the ads.

We discussed on the forums what makes an ad effective, and what might detract from its effectiveness.  Keywords came up again. There was some debate on whether or not using all caps would be considered effective or overbearing. Google's own tips suggest to use emphasis sparingly, as too much will have the opposite effect intended.

Given as Google was *founded* on search engine optimization and how to present information as effectively as possible, I'll go with what the pros say!

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