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Basic SEO

This week we looked a bit deeper into search engine optimization. We explored how built in meta keywords, body copy, outside links referencing to our website all help improve search rankings. Search engines are constantly refining their algorithms of how to find relevant content for their users, so it is important to always be in the know and stay appraised of how they work. If we want to get our content in front of the people who are searching for it, we need to be sure to create uniquely valuable content, use descriptive language on our actual websites, be professional, and make our websites easily shareable on social media.

The more times my website is shared, the more links from reputable sources Google's algorithms will pick up. This will improve my website's search ranking. Also, we learned the importance of including the same keywords as are referenced in the ad on the landing page of our websites, in clear, conspicuous places so that the user can easily see how the page relates to the ad and thus his or her search.

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