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Gotta Sell It

This week for my business class we were instructed to look at various successful online shops in our genre and see what they had in common, things that we could try to emulate from their design and layouts. As I am not intending to build a totally new website for this course, but set up an Etsy shop instead, I decided to look at Etsy stores that specialize in the same product that I will be helping ym sister to sell: Amigurumi.

I love that Etsy displays shop stats, it made it a lot easier for me to pick out which ones were successful and which were not so much. I chose stores that were under 4 years old with a strong ratio of sales to followers. Ultimately, the two I picked for examples are Tanya's TNGiftsUA (click link to visit shop) and Ursula's Unepelotedelaine.

Ursula's Storefront -

Tanya's Storefront -

What I noticed immediately that these two shops have in common is how they keep their products uniform. There is a consistent style, not only in the products, but in the way they are presented. Both have light, muted backgrounds that ensure attention is focused on the product. Both use the same or similar background for all of their products. I think this consistency is key not just for a pleasing shopping experience, but to draw return customers. Both shops, too, put a lot of keywords in their items' titles.

Something else I noticed is that both shops also sport large, neutral color banners showcasing their work, and both have a picture that display the shop owner's face in the profile section. I believe that helps to create a sense of trust with the buyer. Being able to see the shop owner's face shows that they are open and possibly will be more personal in their customer service.

I have also determined by these shops that free shipping is a major appeal. Also, it seems that a fair going price for a 6 - 11 inch high-quality amigurumi piece is in the neighborhood of $40 - $50.

All in all, this was a great research experience.

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