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Ooh, it's been over a year since I posted on this blog. That's no bueno. Time to wipe up the dust and re-purpose it a little, as well as catch y'all up on my progress and what I've been doing as late.

My silence has been due to the fact I started college about a year ago, and that with my job has taken up the better part of my time. I am loving it! A little sad I haven't had as much time to write, but hey, that's life. At some point it will slow down again and I'll work on my stories and worlds of my imagination.

For now, though, I'm learning more about how to market my craft. I'm taking a course at BYU-I on business and how to make a successful little start up. This post and those following are to keep y'all appraised of that process, as well as to complete some assignments - as it's a course requirement to document my journey ;)

This week we learned about how to make an effective business plan, and got a feel for Google Ads keyword planner. We learned what the statistics it shows mean and how to weigh them to find out the most effective business idea.

I brainstormed 20 business ideas. The first five were easy, things I'd like to do. After that I think I kind of went crazy just trying to think of things I *could* do, even if I wasn't particularly passionate about them. The keywords I researched for each of these ideas proved fascinating.

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