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A new world...| lands to explore...|...and stories within stories to tell.|Welcome to SJORIA

What is SJORIA?

SJORIA is our world. My sisters and I came up with it back in 1996. Even though I was five years old at the time, SJORIA was never inhabited by purple unicorns or pink bunnies (as you might expect of a world invented by kids under grade school age). We were fascinated by life and what made it tick. We grew up on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. Shows like "Nature" and "Emergency Vets" formed the staple of our TV time. Our mom showed us how to build self-sustaining ecosystems within terrariums. We couldn't get enough. So we started inventing our own fantasy environments and creatures. Then something pretty awesome happened: we "discovered" people. By that, I mean to say that we were introduced to different human cultures and their interactions with each other, and we found that just as fascinating (if not more so) than the animals we had so enjoyed. We started to come up with different human races, their stories, wars, and legends. SJORIA became the tool by which we would explore concepts from the real world, while adding to it our own spin on fantasy. It's been a life-long project. Now we are getting ready to share it with you.

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